Party wall and penetrating damp


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Evening All.
I have an old (1890s) terrace house that was built on a hill. As such, my neighbour's floor level is higher than mine by about 1 metre.
To add to a difficult situation, the joists suspended wood floors in the properties are only several inches above a clay base.
When it rains, water flows from the base of my neighbour's wall and pools under my floor.
Due to contunual moisture and condensation issues rotting the timbers, I've had to remove the floor, and I'm having a concrete floor installed. Hopefully this will resolve some of the problem, but I am left with the issue of penetrating damp on one wall.

I'd really appreciate some ideas for a solution to this. I understand that, short of digging up my neighbour's floor, I'm looking at tanking of some sort to resolve the issue.

Also, would any tanking solution need to be done before or after the concrete floor is laid?

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