Parex monerex gm sponge finish

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Hi guys,

I have a large job coming up where the client wants Parex monerex gm sponge finished.
I have scraped back plenty of this product but not sponged finished any.

I would appreciate any tips from anyone who has sprayed and sponged finished this product.
Ive done some small jobs with left over monorex. Rubs up nice but sort of looks cloudy(colour wise) Not sure on a big elevation what it would look like. Hope it goes well mate.
It sponges up. You gotta catch it at right time.
I only did a small garden walls and the colour was fine

I think @owls is doing some currently
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I have done a couple, not big by any means but used a tilers washboy to keep sponge float clean and as dry as possible. Timing is everything. Although I do prefer to switch them to a GF finish.
i have a job to start week after next with it.
ive sponged it before, with mixed results, as said on here ive also done some small areas, and not had any issues.
but ive also done a big job with parmurex, parexs backing render but its gf equivalent, grey and had a nightmare , we got cloudy marks on it from the sponge and small white areas where the water reacted, got paid from the job by the skin of my teeth. its getting the timing right, but I guess that how a renderer earns his money.
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