Painted, rendered solid wall allowing water penetration

Gill Beechey

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We are doing up a 1870s house in Deal, Kent and we have issues with damp getting through the external solid walls. The walls have historically been rendered and painted (last painted about three years ago) but are obviously letting water through. There are no obvious cracks in the render. We would therefore like to paint it with something that will make it waterproof (and seal any small cracks that there may be in the render). It is a three storey house so quite a large area to cover. What products would people recommend for this job - that will result in waterproofing the solid wall without costing us an absolute fortune. Thanks for any advice given.


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I'd say you need to get it assessed to make sure the render is the problem.
Could be rising damp.
Could be bad guttering.
Leaking roof seeping down behind the wallplate.
To name a few


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Oh Deal, what a place.
Most houses get repainted there every year. Use a quality paint or get a plasterer to go over the existing render with a thin coat render.


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I know sounds silly but defo have a look at gutters waste pipes rain water pipes check the roof try find exactly where it’s coming from then work backwards


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You meed proper diagnosis on the type of damp.
It could well be condensating damp and not penetrating. Very common with solid walls and very often misdiagnosed
there might be roof leak , exposed air vents , that creating a dump and causing the water damages, I suppose face of your property not waterproofed so meaning the wall getting wet and stays wet at all times and gradually coming toward the inside the property


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If the paint is in s**t condition my money who be on the paint is trapping moisture and its probably got the wrong paint on