Paint bubbling under skim

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Davy sned

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Usually if it's silk it's got a shiny surface and I usually score it with a wallpaper scorer or even a Stanley knife is it hard plaster or plaster board behind

Davy sned

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Strange any sign of damp is it an outside wall I mean like a wall that faces the outside of the building


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the paint as not keyed to the background. the emulsion was either applied to lime wash, distemper. or the paint was applied without a colour wash, i.e. to thick .
how large an area has not keyed ?


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Check if it's peeling off if not let first coat pull In nicely then second coat. Nothing like a nice long hit in the evening.

Davy sned

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Thought the pva might off showed the bubbling if you got more to do give it a good scrape first if it's still their when you go back scrape it back and either easi fill or do the area again nothing worse Micky


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On backgrounds that could cause problems i have a hand wood saw. I have removed handle and cut blade in half. Drag across surface to break back to background. It scratches lines back to good surface. Seal then skim.


this has happened to me before but just let the first coat go off then top it out as normal :D

Not had a wall come off due to it :D