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Does anyone use them? Picked one up earlier 24 quid for a stainless 14 inch looked lovely nice blade shape etc and nice handle
yeah i got one i used it for a bit liked it at first but found it a bit clumsy feeling, think the blades a thicker gauge. very solid trowel though
I got one last year I don't use it every day but it seems to be standing up ok and you get used to the handle after a bit.
For the money they are descent.

I'm sure someone said not to get their ss bucket trowel cos the one they got started to rust.
We also have the Ox Range in stock, all on the website. We even sell their energy drink! Rocket fuel!!!

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U wait until I let you have some of their cookies Dave! They are unreal.

Have to say I'm impressed with the Ox stuff, sells well and Ox themselves are always very helpful to us and provide a great delivery service to us. Feedback on the products has also been great, especially the Spirit Levels

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Ryan I'd love to have a cookie and wash it down with a delicious ox trowel energy drink
Hahaha ur going to have to wait till you come down then next. Pre warn me and I will get some cookies in for u

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Ive picked them up and had a look in Selco seem ok not that I need one like but then so do Wickes trowels its what your comfortable with realy.
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