Overboarding - edge treatment

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After pulling down lath and plaster in a few rooms (for wiring/pipe access as well as the ceilings bowed) I'm hoping to just be able to overboard the hallway.

The question I have is what do you do when you get to the lip at the landing floor?

Do you cut the plasterboard slightly short and then multifinish to blend in the height of the plasterboard to existing height? Is it a very tiny angle bead job? Anything else?

Separately, whats the plan for when you want to retain coving? Do you cut the plasterboard tight to it or leave a small gap to blend with plaster?



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Yeah as smoother said if you can find one. I have before now had enough room to put an angle bead on, randomly.

or tell them to put a wooden trim on. Can make the the existing wood look more detailed and then it’s out of your hands!