Overboard or replace damaged artex ceiling


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Hi everyone.
A workmen recently put his knee through my artex landing ceiling. They tried to repair it but it looks like a badly iced Christmas cake! (they were Sparks not plasterers).
The company sent someone to assess it and he said it wasn't suitable for a patch repair.
I was then told by the office that it was going to need "reboarding, plastering & painting as it's the timber supports that have gone due to the weight of all the workman moving in and out the loft. This will require 2-3 visits to fix". Their plasterer hadn't seen it but we did a video call - he said they'd asked him to overboard it but iho it wasn't suitable as there's an isolator switch
very near ceiling and only a 1/2" gap up to the loft hatch frame. He decided he didn't want job. I was told another
plasterer would 'scrap the artex and skim the ceiling" then changed to "overboard it (at his discretion) and skim". I've questioned why not replacement several times but they won't say. I know replacing the whole ceiling will be messy but can't see how just covering up the damage is the best option. And if they've damaged the beams surely they shouldnt have more weight hanging off them? I live in a shared ownership house and the council will want a professional job done. Advice please. Apologies for long post.
The problem with a replacement for your ceiling is the mess and the loss of your loft insulation. You will need the landing ceiling and walls redecorated.
With an overboard you could have a timber ground added to your loft hatch. The insulation switch may have to be moved down a fraction. Less mess , Just have to decorate the ceiling. The timber support, I guess, that it is a noggin for the plasterboard can be replaced in the loft.