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Hi all.
We've recently purchaser a 1930s semi and have opened up the dining room fireplace as part of our kitchen/diner refurb.

Im a little torn with what to do next.
Im going to be installing a range cooker in the opening. (See pics)

Do i float n set / board n skim / skim wit vitcas straight onto the brick? Inside the open chimney and on the outer three walls.

Any help is grately appreciated.



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Hello and welcome

There are so many fireplace threads you can search the forum and read through to your hearts content!

s/c and skim with Vitcas

Cement board, pre grit and skim

Few opinions there


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Firmacell power panels dabbed on, fire cement up the joints and paint is your safest option, you can skim the boards and I have done plenty of times but there’s always a risk they may crack (mine never have)


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Thats great, thanks everyone.
I like the sand/cement render then vitcas idea. I'll keep looking around the forum at other examples.


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Waddington fell for the sand?
Used it alot for a pointing company i worked for...always looked great on the right stone.