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Followin on from Chris W comments. Is it poss to acheive same level of finish with one coat plaster as u can with 2 coats of multi/board?


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Using it as a finish yes but in my opinion not worth the effort if you have multi to hand, using it as one coat as long as its ruled of properly yes.


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Certainly has its uses.
Good for overskims where top skim layer has come away leaving lots of hollows and on uneven walls that need to be leveled etc.
Good for patching work also.
But gypsum still the Daddy


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I've noticed onecoat gets damaged a lot easier than board or multi does.
It's not as hard a finish.

Chris W

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you could use that to your advantage - not as hard, doesn't crack so much..
no idea if its true?


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duno if any of u have tried this, and dont no why u would 99% of the time, but i had a load of mp75 left over from a job a while back, and the guy i was working for on the next insisted on the work being 2 coat. used the mp75 as tyhe backing coat and it was pretty nice to skim over. just takes forever to go off


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I have used one coat plaster once, can go over many surfaces and is very versitile, all is needed is one coat of PVA at 3-1. Its a mixture of a backing plaster and finishing in one - hence the name, but it reality it still needs to applied in two coats. Its got a three hour set so you have loads of time with it. apply the first coat and trowel it as normal. Leave to dry and then adding a second thinner coat, darby off and fill voids and repeat. On average you need to wait about 25 minutes and then this is where the sponge float comes into its own. Splashing water on the wall and using a sponge float rubbing in circular motions you will see a slurry (fat) come to the surface you then move on as the rubbing is over. Sponge about a third of the wall at a time. After you rub up go back to the top left and with a trowel and a brush, splash water and trowel over (as one coat loves water). Wait about 30 mins and then trowel entire wall. You need to go back and repeat again.

But in saying all that I prefer multi finish......


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ive never put it on in two passes no need, no point, when its machined on it goes on in one.
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