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i have not yet used or saw this one coat plaster bein used yet. my question is can it be applied and feathered with a featheredge then left and troweld up as normal? or is it too much like a finish plaster to feather???
cheers guys....


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Are you referring to universal one coat or one coat finish? I assume you mean one coat finish and that I have never used as I believe you get a better job and finish than with a two coat finish system. As for universal one coat, I have used this quite a few times and I quite like the stuff. An examples of where I've used it are in a cottage working from brick work building out the walls, ruling them off free hand and trowelling up for that old desired look that you would normally get from walls in buildings of that age and nature. Its quite handy for patch repairs in areas that aren't really seen like under stair cupbaords. For best repair work though, nothing finishes better than a comination of bonding and finish in my book. The universal one coat is a wonder but don't use it for your best work and neither will you be able to feather it in that well as its finished surface is a little coarse.

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Although I admit to not having used one-coat the theory goes like this.....
Lay on, rule off flat. When picking up (firm) wet with a sponge which creates fat and trowel in. The water creates the fat you try to avoid with finish plasters and gives the smooth finish when you trowel it in.
I agree tho finishing plasters are much better.


yeah it was the universal stuff i was on abt the all in one stuff, just wondered wat and if it was like to feather?
cheers for replies guys.. ;)
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