On it


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Like a car bonnet today


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You have my sympathy.
Although thinking about it I bet you'll find it great and the best finish you've ever, ever used. Well apart from Pure, Spray, Uni and Dura Finish. But apart from them it'll be the best finish you've ever used, apart Board Finish.
I can’t lie it looked bang on or maybe it was my curry carbon trowel kicking ass

Was home at 2 pm , sorry for late reply just woke up had afternoon snooze


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Looks like my wickseys trolley this morn.. But I had two more bags of multi. For easy domestic job; just ceiling with curve, plus two walls and one with old boarded fireplace beaded and two other rooms all prepped scraped & skrim'd n pva'd for tomoz
Love the easy life :)

Great aint it