Oldest plastering tool you own


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think my mega mixer about 20 years old everything hand tool wise gets slung when dead! Plastering tools cheap as f**k compared to other trades £1000 kit you out with all the best gear drill not included! But probably could include if you got a joey mixer!

John j

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I feel your pain, the cavities of swallowed loads of my tools especially Stanley knives
I had this blue spirit level must of been 100 years old . f**k knows where it come from. Was a weird size that came in handy as f**k. Sure it went in slow motion as it slid down


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I have a wooden darby be about1918 hand made in yellow pine im the 3rd owner hand me down from relations in trade
In about 81 ish I was given a yellow pine float by a fella who was retiring and it ended up in the hands of some thief off a site about 3 yr later.