Old building DPC and finish on walls

David Anglesey

New Member
Hi there - I’m a complete amateur and have a couple of questions. Let me explain;

I’ve just bought an old stone built shop (probably 150 years +) and am improving it. I’ve taken off the interior false wooden walls to uncover original stone covered in old decayed plaster which is coming off very easily.

Q.1 Once old plaster is removed is it ok just to PVA the stone then paint with masonary paint as we want a rustic cottage style look to the interior?

Q.2 there is a small trench (3cm wide x 3cm deep) running along the floor inside the room (exterior walls) which was behind the wood cladding. It is lined with polythene and filled with what looks like a resin, broken in places. Presume this was some kind of DPC? If I want to refill the trench with new ‘resin’ what product do I use and is this method effective as I can’t see how it would help the walls or floor really?

Many thanks in advance for any help.