OK The Machine Section Is Here

Hello All,

By popular demand I have added the machine plastering section - Place only machine plastering related posts here.

If you need anymore sections added then send me a pm

Good luck and I hope you all find it useful



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heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh wooooooooooooooooh you wouldnt have this machine section if it wasnt for me s**t stirring :)


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when you say proper plastering Flynny am I to assume your'e a LIME man in which case I would bow to your greater knowledge


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johnzamm said:
when you say proper plastering Flynny am I to assume your'e a LIME man in which case I would bow to your greater knowledge

Well funny you should say that ive just completed a lovely farm house in york using lime with my newest bestest friend render bender xxx


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johnzamm said:
Still needs treating with respect though Merl'
What bagged NHL was that then Flynny ? or was it self mixed ?

Two different types one for the scratch and a different one for the top couldnt tell you what it was called but im sure render bender will let you know.


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Hey Denny..
I think this is the better way to use machines in plastering. The MP25 Mixit mixer pump is a true all-rounder among mixing pumps and the other plastering machine are also good. And these machines are also easy to access. With the help of this machines now plastering are easy and energy saving.


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Hi guys,

I attended the Bauma exhibit last november 2o12 at shanghai, seen this rendering machine; it E_Z Renda machine, has anyone have experienced this machine, Were planning to buy it, but its still under my study...can anyone tell me the dis-advantages and advantages of this machine.



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Plaster machine robot PlasteRUS Foreman. 2015 NEW!
Made in Russian.
Automatic plaster machine robot for mechanical plastering.
Technical specifications:
Capacity: 20 to 50 m2 per hour.
Mounting and setup time: 20 minutes.No plastering screed stripes!!!
100% coverage of wall working surface.
Adjustable grade of slope of the rule.
You may work on stairwells and on odd-shape ceilings.
Horizontal set is adjusted by laser level.
Machine speed drive is of vertical level.
Adjustable width: working surface. Maximum width: 3 (2) meters per run.
Width may be customized up to 6 m.
Maximum application height is 5 m.
Thickness of plaster layer is limited solely by mortar technical specifications.
Aluminum construction. Light. Stainless.
Plaster machine robot fastening is made by means of electromechanical jacks.
Operating personnel: 2 operators.
Power supply: 220V/12V
Plaster machine robot PlasteRUS Foreman..jpg
Plaster machine robot PlasteRUS Foreman..jpg


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Does it compact down to the size of a feather edge.....? And does it come with the chair ?


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Surely by the time uv f**k*d about setting that up on a wall u could of got the wall on + starting another? Never seen it in action so dont know how good it is but imagine its not quick to set up??