Ok own up which one of you on here was it?

Too many un answered questions,,,,,was he a rampant mad plasterer,,,,was she in her pyjamas or some other outfit. Is this a attack on us plasterers,fake news.
The guy has a right to reply to these accussations. Crowd fund for a solicitor.
I kid you not when I was about 22 years old went To go and view and quote for a private job with one of the spreads who was teaching me as we were on site spreads this bird must of been about 40 or so answers the door in a silk robe at 2 in the afternoon the job was an overboard and skim of a lounge ceiling on the way out my mentor says next time when we come have some clothes on as abit of banter,we got back into the van and the spread decides to have a cuppa out of his flask before we go this birds fella comes running out with a samauri sword tries opening my side of the door I locked it quick as f**k my arse went then he starts swinging at the van with the sword f**k**g nutter we drove off and rang the police the following week the same bird rang back asking why we aint showed up
Any pictures of this sexy minx in her pjs?

I hope your plastering is better than your Google Fu.