oil leak genny

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Cant remember but not a lot, single figures in £'s. It was years ago. Me over tightening the filter.
The gasket where the oil filter bvolts onto the Genny I leaking. Where csn I buy a new one

I didn't think this morning but you could have borrowed mine I was hand balling today. Probably a good thing you didn't though coz it pissed down all day. I got caught out had to rub up in the rain under tarps ....mingin
Nowt wrong with a cornflake box for a gasket...

I use a torque wrench to tighten most things up... saves on that sensation of it going tight tight tight loose.. :)
May take u up on that jimmy later in week if I've not sorted it. Did you buy that one I showed you? Ir you still on hire. Gna be Friday before I get back over there now pal but I've got a lad coming midweek to hand ball that garden wall .
if anything changes and you can get over sooner Lee let me know i'm not using my genny Monday or Tuesday.
I've bought that genny you put me on to but I've been too busy to go and get it with it being so far away, i'm going to try and go some time this week.
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