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Hi, I am a subcontract for a plastering company, the job is 100 sqm of render on a house, The walls were painted stone to begin with, the previous subbys that were at the Job before me prepped the job for top coat.
They began with using rend aid, then used webber ocr one coat base coat, imbedded mesh into that coat & then mechanically fixed with mushroom plugs, a very solid background to render onto.
So we got to the product mixed up & laid on webber ocr (same product they used for base coat) it ruled off well, got it flat & was going off at a steady rate, we floated it over & got it somewhere handy, then floated it over again & sponged, while we were sponging lengthy cracks were appearing, I pushed one of the cracks & it was almost like the render didn't stick to the background, more cracks started appearing & I could literally peel the render off the wall like a banana skin, anyone have any idea why this happened? the background was scratched & we wet the background before we started.


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Rendaid over a painted back ground :endesacuerdo:. Got disaster written all over it. Like malc said f**k going over someone else's prep


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Sounds like your gonna have fun putting it right! Get it off and start again and watch the:envidioso:envidioso:envidioso roll away :rayos: