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Hello everyone!!

I hope everyone is busy and doing well !
My name is Kevin from Essex, Ive been spreading about 15 years but its been quiet as of late. Im trying to make the crossover to venetian plastering but was kind of unsure what direction to take. Ive done sample boards at home and the odd wall (which came out ok!) using some venetian plaster a friend gave me.

The thing is, I am am thinking of doing a venetian plastering course. I saw a number of companies that look good. I want to take my training all the way so its important that I can achieve the highest qualifications in venetian plastering as well as the been taught by guys who know what they are doing (as these courses ain't cheap lol)

The thing is im really confused. A company called Goldtrowel are advertising NVQ level 3 in polished plastering? But I have spoken to a few other venetian plaster providers and they are saying there is no such qualification in venetian plastering. I went onto the NVQ website where is you can see the NVQ list of courses available but there is not even NVQ level 1 in venetian plastering listed? This is really confusing, has anyone done the NVQ level 3 at goldtrowel? and if so what is involved and how much?

I saw that goldtrowel have a venetian plaster website that states their applicators hold level 3 and that nobody should apply venetian plaster in the UK without level 3?

have a look
Tadelakt Designers London | Tadelakt Designer London

Please guys anyhelp would be great as I want to start some sort of course in the next few weeks!

all the best

welcome along Kev, someone will be along with everything you need to know soon :RpS_thumbsup:
To be honest if you want to learn it you cannot go wrong with GT.... i have seen first hand the results and know a fair few people who have trained and are now making full time livings....

Give them a call but I ma sure they will drop past and answer your questions :D

Hi Guys let me ellaborate a little. When we tender for clients within the UK they need peace of mind that somewhere along the line, applicators have conformed to some kind of standard. Like anything there's good and bad work. For my Company VIL I have made it paramount that my guys have got this NVQ L3 Unit of accreditation, why? It helps the Tender application and without doubt gets me a lot of work. We are the only Centre at present doing this. At the end of the day it help majorly getting work, as simple as that. The NVQ Code Kev is QCF 79 - Producing Specialist Plaster surfaces. Also Kev it does go to show that the people that you have contacted really don't understand.
You can learn the process, the materials and application of finishes in 1-4 weeks, but it could take you a lifetime to master, with our guys we assess there work ONSITE, it means nothing how long you`ve been doing it, 10,20,30,40 years of doing it wrong don`t make it right! everyone is individual some learn quickly, others don`t, you cannot blanket people just by time.
Chill out Stoke, your missing the point. Instead of creating an arguement give us a bell. 01708344700. I take it then your the nuts then and you know everything " Yeah Right"
Thanks for replies, GT63 its good you replied as you seem to be a representative of goldtrowel.

In your earlier post GT63 you said "The NVQ Code Kev is QCF 79" ? is this the right code?
That code is coming up as mechanical engineering / customer service?

I want to achieve the highest qualifications in polished plastering, Goldtrowel are the only company advertising NVQ's which
4 other providers are saying doesn't exist? NVQ is saying it doesnt exist either? im confused ????

I was put in contact with a guy who recently did a 2 week course at goldtrowel and I saw his certificate but its
just an internal goldtrowel award with no mention of NVQ? even he said he didnt know goldtrowel did NVQs in polished plastering?

I want to book a course soon and want to pick the right guys to teach it. goldtrowel are stating that if you dont have an NVQ level 3 then nobody should be applying polished plaster ???? Can someone from the forum please come in on this?

thanks again guys
@GT63 Is the onsite work part of the course or do you pay them to work on one of your jobs?
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Hi Kev
We have been trading many years and various over the years that we have trained have got their qualifcations from us in various trades. To clarify Unit QCF79 is a Level 3 Unit of accreditation which will be found in QUA 840. Mate just call us.
Never heard of them.... honestly you cannot go wrong with GT :D I often pop in and see them and see the work the students are doing and it is stunning and you get to do whole rooms not just small little sample boards....

01708 344 700

Id go for goldtrowel all day mate. The passion andy has for plastering in his words"is emotional" I done a k rend course with them. Andy showed us the venetian bays. good set up mate if I had the time I would be there with u. Watching andys passion for plastering really got mine going again would highly recommend
I travelled to gold trowel from Sunderland either last year or 2012 can't remember and done a 5 day course highly recommended andy is a spot on guy and will answer any question you have
appreciate replies guys and thanks Danny !
NVQ level 1, 2 and 3 in steps, prices and whats involved is what im interested in. I did call that gold trowel company a few months ago but the questions that I asked were not answered, like its bot being answered here. I gather their good at doing the 5 day courses. Im talking NVQ's?

Dee - your saying you did a 5 day course, thats good but according to gold trowel you should not take what you have trained outside your own home as you shouldn't be applying polished plaster unless you have an NVQ level 3???

Im sorry to bang on about it. I've been looking into it and i just want a training provider to be realistic. I get the fact up there you get to do whole rooms...great but NVQ 1 to level 3 in polished plaster? Can anyone out there confirm they have done this course and hold a certificate. Im not talking about solid plastering...solely polished plaster.

thanks again!
Kev as you keep banging on about the questions that we keep on answering you should call me and I will tell you exactly again. Cheers 01708344700 - There's 5 guys that work for me that hold this. Hence the pitch on our other threads. That's why we are offering work for applicators as I have a lot of work going on who have a proven track record on this forum. There's loads of good guys on here that have done some excellent work so we can help them and gain there NVQ L3 UOC with us it only costs £20 for the registration. We are here to help. As for guys that have done our courses, they do change their career and work for various Companies. I will say again from a good selling point to clients it's a good Qual to have and gives confidence to clients. We were at 100% design show last year and dealing with High End Architects and Designers is what we do, so therefore it gives us a slight edge when tendering for contracts, I have said this already.
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@GT63 Have you guys got a premix/airless course? Do you guys do any internal spray training of any type?
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Gt the unit qcf79 is an additional unit to the level 3 solid plastering qual, does this mean i have do the ful qual with the additional unit or can it be an add on to a current level 3 qual
Gt the unit qcf79 is an additional unit to the level 3 solid plastering qual, does this mean i have do the ful qual with the additional unit or can it be an add on to a current level 3 qual

Hi CKJ, I noticed still no answer from GT63. Im giving this particular a course a miss anyway as the simple fact is, it doesnt exist with QCF/NVQ. Ive checked it out with them and there is only solid plastering, no polished plastering NVQ??? strange this isnt it... and there isnt a single person who can confirm they have this qualification in polished plastering. oh dear .. ?
I really think he is getting himself worked up over this, the short answer is there is an additional unit you can take as part of the NVQ 3 , but in order for you to gain the additional unit you will need to have the NVQ3 , as far as I am aware there is no seperate NVQ for just polished plastering, hope this helps
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