Not surprised really


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The supply route to Russia that the merchant navy used

This is the best known route. Round the North. Do you have any link for Mediterranean/Black Sea operations?



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Don't feel too bad about it. @BigBruvOfEnglandUK was going to send you round the Baltic way. He realised his mistake and deleted it, but I got an email off the site which bubbled him.
I found a web page that was from the First World War and it mentioned someone’s grandad being on the Baltic convoys but that was probably bringing stuff to us I would have thought they mentioned his ship and the Black Sea but that was about it. That’s the only reason I can think for the senior moment


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It's the kind of thing that happens when I'm talking to my wife, watching tv, eating and posting on here all at the same time, m8. lol

Oh, I understand completely. But it's such fun grassing people up.

What annoys me is when wimmins think that you might be able to use one ear to listen to her and the other one to listen to the phone. And what REALLY annoys me is when they think that if they whisper loudly, then you might be able to do it a bit better.