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Talk to a old boy round corner . 80 years plus . Says he doesn't miss work he misses the crack

builder's crack.jpg

Can't say that's something I'd miss, but each to their own! :endesacuerdo:


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Expect massive shortage again!! Fuel crisis this time, everywhere by me nearly sold out!! People started queues at 6am apparently!!

Multi be £50 a bag again soon!!


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can you please explain why there is no plaster in the stranraer area of scotland travis or jewsons sold out
Hello, we're sorry for the lack of response on this post, we haven't been able to monitor the forum as much as we usually would due to some long term sickness within the team. However, we are and have been delivering as normal so please discuss with your local merchant. If this problem has continued, please get in touch via or via this forum.

Again, apologies for the very delayed response. If we can do anything else to help, please let us know.


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Couldn't get any at rgb this morning not down to shortage down to delivery aparanty, sign of things to come drivers in real demand at the moment