Nice G4 for sale


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That's a scam Rossi, been on eBay a few times
I'm sure that machine was or still on the German eBay, you can tell it's not in the UK from the give way sign is on the RHS on one of the pics
You know what mate you could be right. Just looked where it is and it’s Outer Hebrides. Not the sort of place you’d pop for a quick look. The sellers name is “goengland” too haha :loco:


Worng side of the UK for me. Looks ok of a machine. Don't have up what hour's is on it tho.
In 12h will be on the right side , if the earth rotation is still in order, you just lay in your bed and wait .......lazy c**t:D


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I wouldn't buy anything off an individual on eBay, business fine but not individuals it's to much a gamble for me.
If anyone is in the market for one ask uncle @PFTwales if there's any second hand ones about, if not just to hear his soothing welsh tones....