Newbie plasterer looking for work.

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I have been working in the industry since I left school, mainly drylining on new residential builds.
I have been living in Australia for past 10 years, but now back in UK near Birmingham. I was working as a plasterer in Oz but they do it different down under.
Since I have been back in UK i have completed an intensive plastering course which I passed with flying colours. I have done a few jobs here and there ranging from small patches to whole rooms and also rendered a fireplace.

I understand that the more you do the better you get at the trade, so I am looking for work with plasterers so I can continue to improve.
I am a very hard worker and am actually keen to work as I really enjoy the type of work.

If anyone is looking for some help write to me here so I can contact you.

Many thanks, Ian .
hello mucker, i used to do the acrylic rendering in austraila a few years back............ are you mad coming over here??? it's nothing like australia ..... if my goodlady wasn't pregnant we'd be right back over there!!!! where did you do it fishcake???

much love. terrance tibbs
Thanks for reply, I was in Brisbane, would still be there but x wife decided to take kids back here so I had to follow to see them.
respect to you mucker, i was in melbourne......... brilliant days............. i hope you get work mucker... get a list of the housebuilders, find where there building................ phone up the head office............. get numbers of firms and pimp yourself out mucker!!!!!!
Not open for further replies.