New trowel combo


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New combo MT perma 14
Coupled with the Refina rose gold SF 3 16
can not wait for work tomorrow hahaha

your welcome



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Am i on right wavelength with that trowel is that what you class as a medi flex? Found 1 in unit thats never been used

no I use nela medi flex mate...
that's brand new

I wouldn't use it start to finish
until its broke in


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The trowels need more gauges for wearing in but beautiful! , spray of wd & microfibre cloth wipe all tucked up know In the case

your welcome


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Bero expert .same trowel but cheaper. Thought I was being tidy putting all my trowels ECT in a DeWalt box on wheels .then accidently left it on the pavement. Went back to hanging them up in van. Plus those posh boxes are a magnet for thieves. Better off making one out of dirty old ply and foam. No one will look at it .