New tool Tuesday


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No more up and down


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That’s cheaper than normal ones .how do you compare it to the smd57’?
There’s only 25 on a strip so you are loading more often, but you can get loads of strips in your pouch unlike the normal ones. I still use the SMD57 as well. Ordered 30000 of the normal screws today too at about £7.50 a 1000. The extension works on both heads, just change the bit, as they are slightly different lengths


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I have no idea. I just go on steady. I’m not greedy. I charge a decent rate, do a tidy job and as long as I do £150-£200 a day, I’m happy with that.

I only wish the lads I follow had your gift lol

Shiite I have to fix is ruthless mate (y)


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Nearly 2 years late, but my answer to your question is that I do not believe they are linked.

However, Fein are known to make powertools for other brands (very common in the powertool industry).

Festool's oscillating multi-tool is 100% definitely made by Fein.

Thanks i found that out too in the end, looks like festool are bringing out updated combi drill which looks very similar to the fein one.


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The bare tool yes. I use a multi tool quite a bit.

Since I finally bought an 18v multi-tool, I find myself using it way more than my old 230v multi-tool. It's just so convenient for so many jobs - I've surprised myself how much more I use it.

They must be bringing in smaller lighter batteries too like festool did?

Multi-tools are quite power-hungry. Not as hungry as angle grinders, but if you use something like a 3ah battery, yeah, it's going to be compact, light, manoeuvrable, but you're going to be charging the batteries quite frequently unless you only use it for light duty tasks or a couple of minutes here & there.
Having said that, I can see 3ah being worthwhile for overhead work.

I also use mine for occasional flooring & refurb work, so I use 5.2ah and 6ah batts.


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The joiners on a job I’ve recently finished had one of each. Identical bar the colour.

I'll concede that the Festool has a nice plunge attachment, but it's hardly an essential item, yet they charge about 200 quid more for their multi-tool than Fein do.

Typical Festool greed.

I'm not one of those people that looks only at price - I get that real quality and engineering comes at a premium pricetag, and I also have a decent understanding of the technical pros and cons of Festool gear. Even WITH that understanding, I still say they are a disgustingly greedy company, and that's even taking into account their warranty. I saw a Festool sliding bevel the other day - just a BOG-standard beech sliding bevel, and it was retailing at £30!

Back to multi-tools, I went for the Fein Supercut (recently renamed to MM700) and I feel it justifies it's £400 pricetag. Not cheap, but it's real quality in build and performance - one of those tools that literally makes you smile when you're out on a job, because it works so well and makes your life easier. The only real downside is the price of the starlock blades (around £6 a pop, give or take, but prices will eventually come down when the patent expires).