New to plastering, some advice would be most appreciated


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Hey all,

Never attempted plastering before but the time has come!

I’ve just removed all the old tiles from my bathroom and will be Tiling it myself. There is a lot of making good to be done, some of the walls I plan to batten out and plasterboard, others I was hoping to bond and then skim.

Problem I’ve come across is around the windows. I’m hoping with a couple of pictures someone may be able to guide me as to what would be the best way to tackle it.

Thanks in advance




pull all the timber off and and then patch in :D

Dand and cement is the preference but I know plenty who using bonding :D


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That’s great thanks for the quick response!

Would I be right in thinking that once I bond out the edges I apply an angle bead to give a clean edge?
And if so does it need to be a particular type of bead?