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Bit of advice needed please gents, I've basecoated and beaded my garden walls and I'm ready for finish coat, using parex, I want it done asap before new paving goes down but I'm struggling to fit a full day in, how long do I need between laying and scraping? Could I lay on Friday evening and scrape back Saturday morning? I only have until 5pm Saturday?


Should still be able to scrape back following morning if your putting it on when sun goes down

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I won't risk it,especially if you have little experience with it. Early on and scraping at some point in the afternoon. We have been chasing our tales till 9 pm on few jobs recently. Very hard to predict the suction when is hot.


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Is it your own property? Do it late as the night before. Keep it covered during the day to keep it cool. Cover it up during the night to keep dry air off it. Be ok next morning.

Otherwise, on early as, scrape 6-8 hours later during the day. Keep the sun off it.
Yeah it's my own house, thanks for the advice, I think I'll stick with the early Saturday tho, otherwise I'll get nothing done if I'm scraping from Friday. I'll start at 7, hopefully all done by 5.