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Small co's like mine pay sick pay but then it is paid back through NI contributions due. The paye software does it for you. If the sick pay exceeds NI contributions at the end of the tax year you can claim it back. Sock pay cost me zilch.

Holiday pay is a % of wages earned. But when I was an employee, employees got 80% of a subby"s wages. The 20% paid for holiday pay, and other what an employee takes for granted.

My other spread is wanting more as usual. I told him I can get a subby cheaper but if he wants subby's rates then fine. Get CIS registered, a van, his own whisk and a full set of tools with straight edges and spirit levels then he can have subbies rates. Then I deducted the cost of a van alone and he is better off staying ignorant with the most basic of basic tools you can have. He doesn't even own a stanley knoife or tape measure.

That usually shuts him up for a month or two.

Then you've got to pay maternatiy pay, bank holidays and now the pension opt in. The joy of it.
sorry I skimmed a lot of the thread it is the ir35 law it's not been enforced ever however if you are a limited company and you are working for just one person company then what you need to do is get some private clients on your books ?? If you know what I mean!! Invoice a few other companies (pals)


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I doubt they will be able to enforce this, companies will just be forever turning over their workforces, job security will be even less.
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