New bathroom

Hi guys Ive rippped out all the tiles and plasterboard in my bathroom, my bathroom is inbetween my room and my son's. As I took the plasterboards off its been dot and dab to the plaster board that's for my room, is it safe to stick the Hardie back boards with adhesive and tile or do I need to battern between?

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you can stick Hardie boards with dry wall adhesive, no need to battern.


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I dabbed some myself today for the first time , I'll let you know if they're still on tomorrow :D
I was told not to dab hardie so il definitely like to know how that went [emoji85]

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I done a bathroom couple of months back myself still holding strong with no complaints. Was a little skeptical because of the weight but they seem to have held


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Give the hardie board a good drink first, or pva. They suck the moisture from the dab real quick


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I gave it a good lick of pretty weak pva and a load of BG dwa


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The fireplace / Woodburner company requested it to be done this way having done it many times without failure .
I'm not saying it will fail I've stuck it with adhesive myself, myt be worth putting a couple fixings in once the adhesive as set just for peace of mind. also there's still time for it to fail if it's around a fire place it's not gonna get disturbed much so prob be fine also sounds like it's not on your head if the Woodburn company requested it maybe worth mentioning it to them in the future
Love CBD


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There's not really anywhere for it to go in a fireplace to be fair . I have turned down sticking a bathroom in a house we were boarding and skimming before as it would have been my responsibility if it failed .