Never used a poly derby before


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I got one of those a few years back not broke it in yet so will need a load of rubbing to smooth it prob why not used it but be ok for tamping down screed mix


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Couple of guys i used to work with threw a chop saw in the skip on a job once as it stopped working and as it was similar to one i own, I chucked it in the back of the van thinking it might be good for a few spares. Put it in the garage and forgot about it and a few months later plugged it in and it worked fine, so started using it as it was a bit smaller than my own so handy on some jobs. Was on a job a year later with one of the guys and he saw the saw and said that he used to have one like that!


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These have been around for many years, I've always thought they looked like a shite idea. Can't think of anything I've ever done we're one would have been an improvement?