Nela trowels


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Loads of info on ere mate keep yer going for few weeks ,but now it’s plastic semi flex @John j he used the Nela max as I remember that might be more use now ,same as the ox semi “hard on “ trowel


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Some days I do some I don’t lol.
Wanting to f**k plastics of but problem is if I don’t use em I,m never happy with f**k**g finish .
Used mine once and didn’t like it so laid it to rest in the trowel graveyard. Steel trowel start to finish is all you need mate (with a second in command slowly getting broken in).


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gimmicks like the rest of the flexi bollox out there............perfect for the limp wristed D.I.Y.ers though

Although I might give Jess's fistiflex a bash