Need a new drill..

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ya cant beat the refina mega mixer had mine years has never let me down and to be honest cant remember if iv ever had it serviced and its still going strong i mixed everything with it browning bonding s&c the lot even that heavy x-ray plaster and it just laughs at it lol
i had the belle before that but hated it i did used to have a ryobi till it got pinched that mixed a lovely bucket of skim
the 1600e is very good with skim spanky! i have a possitive paddle for big hits, it splash's abit but wizzs it up a treat!
Hey guys I'm mainly on the machine section but seeing as your talking about drills
live had them all Bosch,makita,belle but by far the refina is the one just buy the big one and you can't go wrong BUT mine has just broken down arrrrrr I only use it for knocking up a bit of render for beading ,but I haven't had it serviced ever and it's about 8years old when I was plastering it was a dream skimmed tons of flats and houses with it so if any one from refina is on here please help I need it fixing ASAP
Got a couple of Makitas, one as a spare. Trouble is the paddle that comes with them is crap.
Yeah think its time i upgraded to the refina MM, must of gone through the equivalent cost in Wikes power drills and whisks over the years! sell it for £345 with free shipping. I've bought from them before and Josh is a really nice guy :RpS_biggrin:
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