Names that stuck

We have >

Flea beard
Son of flea beard
Piss fleck beard
Pedo beard
Bummer parsons
Cunninglingus aficionado
Monkey hands
Little John

These guys are a mix of trades that work for the same developer as us. All the names are made from our lab who is obviously absolutely mental He makes the days go quick though lol
Funniest post I've read on here to date. That lab sounds great.
I get called"f**k knows"when people ask me when I'm going to do there job I just say f**k knows,plumber calls me what day cos always going what day ya coming I reply"f**k knows what day"pretty appropriate I suppose!!!!!!
Call my friend "Ted" coz he has a s**t head! Shi-t ed

Kid i lived round the corner from is known to everyone as "Fod" due to his big forehead.
When I pull up to big site jobs they call me .. Big Cock !

Good nick name really,
Think it's got a double meaning

Ive got a big ginger mate called "rusty"
My kids asked me why hes called rusty.....i told them "because his mum left him out in the rain".
We used to work with a chap who drank some sort of home brew and it would leave a half brown ring on his top lip which most of the time he had failed to remove he also talked shite so we used to sing brown ring round your Arse tra la la la la haha

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We had a young lad who had a fishy funny smell off him so i christened him spunky trunks and he even found it funny.
I use to play 10 pin bowling and there was a guy on our team called Paddy(obviously) who would lock his left leg out on his approach when trowing the ball so i name hime Paddy leg lock.Bumped into him at a funeral and told me he is still known as Paddy leg Lock 20 yrs later.