Movement bead or additional mesh overlap?


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Looking for advice. Rendering a small gable (thin-coat system). At the top of the elevation above the doors to the ridge, a stone/brick wall sits back around 20mm from the main masonry cavity structure.

Customer doesn’t want any nibs so floating the section as flush as poss. But obvs where the two walls meet there are two vertical lines, (from top of door to soffit.)

First thought was to bed a movement bead in where the lines are. Or could we get away with extra mesh....think the customer would prefer no bead showing.

Thanks in advance.


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The wall


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Movement bead - there may or may not be some tie-in between the two walls but almost certainly there will be movement over time, bound to crack if you don't. If you mesh it, it will be on you if it cracks. What the customer wants and what is possible/ok is not always the same.