Mould on new plaster boards.


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Hello, hoping you can help.
Victorian terrace. Needed dpc and work. Wall and chimney breast tanked with plasterboard over.
A week or so later we went away and it was very hot. Upstairs windows open.
Week later there is black mould on plasterboard but not on on other plasterwork carried out by different firm to remedy damage after rewire. In the same room.
Dpc people say it’s condensation (no one living there. No showers or clothes drying or even breathing) but caused by hot weather and lack of ventilation.
Have said they will come and treat with mould spray , wait, and then warm wall paint. Mould is at different levels but mainly around 2-3 foot.

I am worried that further mould will return. I’ve read mould on plasterboard means plasterboard should be removed and replaced.

Any advice welcome


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Difficult to tell from the pic: is that just mould, or is the plaster actually raised/blistered underneath the mould spots?