Mono in refina stx410


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Hi all
Does anybody know if you can put krend weber pral though a stx410.
Any help would be appreciated


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Spot on cheers mate.
What's ur opinion on them (stx410)

Hi Smurth.

I don't know much about the stx but assuming its a pump only unit it will be ok for spraying but its alot of kit . you will need a separate compressor which then becomes a lot of kit for the smaller jobs making your machine set up less desirable to use once the initial starstruck use wears off. then you still need to mix the gear and it wont be that fast going on. These pumps are more for spraying thin coat finishes or thin coatings and these days have been replaced by more modern machines. If you ring Refina its likely they will tell you direct that the machine is not suitable and will direct you towards a PFT machine

The machine thats probably best if you're just starting off is the Ritmo L. This will mix automatically and pump the material straight on the wall. The compressor is built into the machine so all you need in most domestic situations is the ritmo and your hoses.
At 230v you plug it straight in the mains and off you go. check out to see the ritmo L and theres plenty of end users here on the forum who will give their opinions on the machine and the situations they use them in everyday.

if you need any more info just let me know