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Can't read posts on my phone for some reason.I bring up the post i want to read but it's empty apart from the person who sent it and the title.
ok its working perfect on my phone...

I know on the iphone you cant watch videos or anything that uses flash....

Later tonight I will see if some other members can view on their phones.

Have you tried clearing your cache on the phone?

Keep me updated I will see what I can do



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i used to be able to do the other site on my phone but not on my new one. Think it might just work on smart phones


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My phone int one of those new fangled smart phones it's a sony ericsson w995.Is this why i can't see owt.

Chris W

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no mate, its cos the electrics gone...
phonw might not display our new posh forum though cos you need an app for that...

Two Coat

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Hi gang, nice forum.

You might wanna try taptalk it's free for the forum, and makes it a lot more accessible on Iphone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia phones, the app itself is free for BlackBerry and Nokia handsets.
Don't worry its not a spam post just thought it might help yaz out:)
Yep I have to install another module for tapatalk to work I was discussing this the other day in another thread.

Have you tried viewing the site in another browser on your phone?

its coming........ i just not enabled it yet. the version that is current is not stable. i will be getting something sorted by 2nd week in august.danny
ok spunkster i will look at why you cant get smilies in bit. bear with me though dude as i am on holiday and only got my phone for a while... having issues with my laptop
right spunkster....

your settings are all set to show them... there should be a drop down menu with them in... or if you got to the advanced reply they should be there as well

Do you know how to do a screen shot? or can you take a photo of your screen and email it to me so I can see what you see.

Let me know mate :)



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Cheers can't take a pic cause I'm using my phone, there there then they disappear as if the banner on the left is using the spaceJust tried it I go advanced the smilies are there then the banner in the left appears and they disappear I'm using an iPhone bud
ah ok....

the latest version of the forum software uses java script to display the smilies... not sure why but its effecting the site.

If I disable the quick reply box java script the smilies disappear for everybody... you can always use the code for smilies which is : - ) but removing the spaces :)

I tend to type mine in as a habit....

I need to hit the hay now as its late.... when I get back to england I will try and get a fix for it... I may need to borrow someones iphone to replicate the problem

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