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daft question but im struggerling to get the forum to let me on when im on my phone i click on your tweeter links but they all ways say ive exceded my logins ? any help would be great

basically I think your phone is not saving your login information so when you click the links its wont let you read them because you are not logged in.

I have been having massive issues getting the mobile version of this site to work I have been trying since February to get it to work my biggest problem is testing it to work as I don't have an iphone or run android....



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Bigfella when you log in at the top right of the screen tick the remember me box & you'll stay logged in until you log out, if you don't tick the box it logs you out after a while. Works ok on iPhone Danny :RpS_thumbup:
Well there is meant to be a whole app that makes browsing easier etc :) but I be damned if I can get it to work and I cant fix the bugs cos I cant see them....

Danny :)
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