mm30 megamixer.

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Mine turned into a giant lizard !!! And my tequila bottle was empty aswell !! :RpS_mad:
Is the makita one better than the last one they had out. New paddle needed just don't know what to go for. Either refina , eibenstock, or makita. Desissions. I had a refina years ago and we could mix a whole forklift tub full
With it, I'm hoping the quality's still the same on them. What do you recon danny is the makita any better than the other 2
Any good with the bagged render. That's my main reason for buying a decent one. I've always just used bog standard paddles like £100. Get a year out of them usually. Makita could be the favourite so far though. What's the most you have mixed in 1 go with it.?
Perfect mate that's plenty at a time. Youl get a new button no probs on eBay. Had a look at the makita and its no what I'm after I'm wanting an h frame handle. Now to find the best price lol
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