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pretty quite round here mate in birmingham but january always is i try and keep work back for january
think if they had found that out mate they would prob keep it to themselves after doing the legwork especially in this climate.
best to get out there and ask about yourself, make some enquiries introduce yourself to firms
Actualy you aint wrong mate where i whent fishing the other day they have a campsite all full contractors from yhe midlands.
I've been busy round here every week since before Xmas:RpS_thumbup:
Can't complain, all local too:RpS_wink:
too F*****g busy to help us yesterday, what a ******* day that was

I was busy mate had to shovel a load of sand into buckets........

.......on the beach:RpS_laugh:

Thought you said you'd got a hand on that job?
How did you get on?
yeah the **** let us down 9pm the night before. we got it done in 2 sets, 3 of us. big ******* vaulted ceiling with the walls. had to be done all together as every corner was barrelled. loads of beams to work around etc, fair play to matt though took us down the pub after and treated us to a pint and some peanuts lol
Went back today to finnish those 3 walls and bay/reveals windows got back at 4.
Thank f%&* that is done.
Now I need a spead to give me a hand on Tues 24th.
Them nuts and pint were a treat.
I'll be back on the 23rd, so i'll take pics then, drying out fast. looks good, got them corners looking like muts nuts, very nice. Tracey poped in and was really happy.
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