Micro cement


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Anyone do this or considering getting into it . I’m really interested and be nice to do something different than pushing pink stuff around all day . I’ve heard you can make some coin .


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Hi mate,yes I do alot of it tbh.I think depending of what kind of day to day work/clientele you have impacts on how much work you will get in.I do alot of high end properties with plastering jobs where I only have to show a sample of it and they want it,where as if your on site I think unless your advertising it could be slower but that's my opinion.Arcitects,designers and word of mouth and you laughing really oh and dont use cheap products as theres alot of s**t popping up everywhere at the minute and also s**t courses.Any info please feel free to message me mate.


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It's worth it if you can get the work marra. Regardless of money it's a nice change. Cleaner working environment and more relaxed. Micro cement is easier than Venetian too. If you make an error it can be sanded and polished a lot easier