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Anyone got a good method an timing for a carbon? Find it a bit different to stainless an plastic. Any tips would be good. Cheers

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Couple month with sand an cement
Love CBD


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Can plasterers not work anything out for themselves these days ffs. :(


I dont know how many times I trowel a wall up... I just do it till I am happy or fed up :D Whichever comes first


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Its like razor's.the eight blade gillette superglide with the free one blade detail razor. It's a con your grandad got a better shave with a cut throat razor. No doubt that a carbon steel trowel is a trowel that gets the job done start to finish. Free choice though so do as you will.


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I find timings a personal thing... you kinder work it out yourself :D
Trowel it when it's ready. Lol all depends, doff backgrounds, higher suction etc etc. I like to trowel it on the earlier side, so don't need to grind the f**k out it, others don't care about a grinding match, I just like it easier on myself lol


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There is no bible of plastering

But carbon is the holy grail

Never been overly tempted to try one. Can't be annoyed with the rusting crap. Plus the couple of mens I've seen that's used them go out of shape relative quick compared to a stainless