It’s A Boy
2pm and the light has gone,thats it ive lost interest after that.
2 brickies were telling me today £1100 between them is the best theve earned since October because of the rain.

fences lads trudging around in a absolute shite

scaffolds hard fuuckers mate
they just dont care


The Lake Governor
I'm fine mate ...

I don't think anyone likes there job day in day out....

as I'm getting older I'd rather be somwhere else than work.....

work is shite
Well I'm glad to hear it.
When I was back on site I can honestly say that I loved my job. Work was almost like a drug for me back then.
To be fair I had gotten myself into a fantastic position where I was working for a company that wanted every trade to work exactly how I wanted to work, clean, tidy and to a very high standard. Knowing that I was appreciated every single day.
Those days are long gone.