Mental health and depression


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I want through depression and anxiety in my 20's many do...

I think the thing that got me through was support from family plus I wasn't sat at home working from 15.


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I’d take him to the gym mate , do this myself now nearly everyday of the week mainly because I get absolutely fed up with stuff last year ,
The gym gives us the time to home in on ourselves in our heads and physically is starts all the good things in our bodies going ,
Fair play it hard to start but one thing I have noticed in gym is not many people walk out miserable, and probably most have similar stress or s**t on in there life’s when they walk in
Agree on fitness being good for the mind body and soul mate but going to the gym before graft??
Fook that!! Lol.


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He doesn't know I know as he doesn't want anyone to know, no he doesn't have a girlfriend.
You could quite easily broach the subject by saying that you've noticed things about his manner/behaviour. Since my breakdown I've noticed things in quite a few people, and then asked them straight if they're suffering. I've never once had a negative response from anyone.


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To be fair from 12 to 45 you only have to save 30 grand a year to be a millionaire at 45 . ..

How I regret wasting my paper round money on thunderbird and 20 20

Millionaire nothing these days especially down South...most are a millionaire on paper just with the value of the house. If you want a comfortable life billionaire is the required status.
Hi chaps,

I don't really know what to do, I've just found out my little bro is depressed and anxious, he's 20 yrs old, he's only told my mum last week and made her promise not to tell anyone, but she's told me if confidence, he doesn't know I know but my mum doesn't know what to do as she feels she can't tell anyone, he's told her today he feels like ending it, she has her own health problems and I'm worrying for the pair of them, has anyone been through depression etc ? How did you get through it ? Cheers.
Nothing helps more than trained professionals.
You get a builder to build your house, a councillor that he clicks to will build the mind. Spend time finding the right builder of the mind ✌️
It’s always the “unlikely ones” that actually do go through with it mate. This is why suicide comes to such a massive shock to all the poor family that’s left behind.
Know of three renderers now that have knocked themselves off. Two by hanging, one dropped over a tonne block on his head. The ramifications of witnessing suicide can be horrendous to a individual. The very reason we need to look out for one another.