Meanwhile, back at ...

Ahhh, a rare glimps of the lesser spotted heritage plasterer marking his territory........see how he splashes the sole plate with his mystical gloop. This will signal to any passing “housefinisher” that they are not wanted.


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that looks good mate... and thats nhl 3.5 ?
how is it used? we are getting more and more lime enquiries but avoid as i havent a scooby
It's a pre-mixed ready to go bagged product, this one is from ProofShield but there are a few out there. Essentially it leaves all the working out of ratios, types and mixes to people who's job is just that. Mixing lime with aggregates etc is a dark art, and there really isn't a need to put yourself through that.

As for how it's used, the application is a piece of p1ss. You just give it to a plasterer, he or she spreads it on the wall and makes it look nice, and then you give them some money. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. (y)
Well after my 1hr 40 minute drive home to heritage plasterer land.
I can now give my full product review.

Ok so I mixed it up, put it on, finished it off, the end.

See you all later :whistle::birra:
Shall I upload my photos????
If you want mate just photoshop the mess of the sloppy s**t on the floor out lol, nah it's like that bucket coat stuff sloppy as fook but nice stuff to use (y) good to see you today been a few years since last time lol and cheers for our new mugs (y):cool: