May Meltdown


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She truly is losing the plot lol this is an embarrassing prime minister who has to negotiate brexit? Wtf I sometimes think she wants to lose the election I've had a funny feeling since the start. She is doing everything possible to turn people against her and the party and the funny thing is no tories are admitting it. There has been news channels, videos and all sorts of social media outlets telling people to vote, how to register and when the cut off period is but not a single one from the Tory party? Since when did a party not encourage voting? They don't want people to vote coz they think hey have their majority but the polls are changing, the tories have not gained anything but labour have, May has not gained any popularity but corbyn has and labour have took a lead in wales so it's all looking good :)


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Pathetic. Like a rabbit in the headlights. It was a nightmare for her. Pity it got no coverage from the mainstream media. The Tories took out an ad campaign with google in relation to the dementia tax.

What I haven't seen mentioned anywhere is how some old people might feel they might as well end their lives so that they can ensure their children get some inheritance and they do not become a burden. That was one of the reasons the euthanasia bill was voted down wasn't it? With the interference of the church that I believe less than 3% of the population have any interaction with. The woman is evil.