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Hi guys
I am new to marble plaster and I was wondering what is the best masking tape to use when you have done a wall and then going to do the wall next to it.

I was wondering if one brand is better than another for this .

Should I use low tack ....Green frog ....
Any help would be very apeppricate. .

Thanks mark
Lol I used some really sticky Crap stuff for my sample boards last week and it was a mega headache getting it off... frog tape I think @RobJack uses :)
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hi mate give the yellow frog tape a go, ive only used it for decorating and pulls off lovely on a delicate surface.


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I try to always use frog. Yellow is low tack but they also brought an orange one out for gloss paints which is lower tack again. Depending on what your masking up though it doesn't always stick in the first place


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Thanks guys I will give it a go
Will try both frog and see which one I get on with better
Thanks again
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