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hi has anyone got any tips to remove the glue left on the widows after they`ve left the masking tape on to long :-0:-0:-0?
PVCu cleaner and elbow grease mate unfortunately (the liquid based one, not cream) and white spirit will some times help
We left gaffa tape on powder coated windows for a month in the summer we were a bit green to it all bless the days of loads of work we still had a job
I had this problem on Friday, it took me hours to get one window clean, so I googled "how to remove masking tape adhesive" and got a few good solutions. Goo gone, hg sticker remover and sticky stuff remover I bought the latter from halfords for a fiver, sprayed it over the area, let it soak in for 5-7 mins and hey presto justs wipes clean off.
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