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As the header says it's nearly time for it to come up for sale :) say what you like about this piece of art, you either like it or absolutely love it but it is still the worlds first piece of magnetic wall art. Some of us have grasped magnetic plaster and some have laughed at it, suddenly a few are starting to come round to it and think it's a great idea well you know I do ;) this is called "The Kiss" and is currently hung in a Spanish tapas restaurant and will be auctioned off on Valentine's night. There has been a lot of interest in the restaurant not just with the picture but also the wall which was the idea originally. There has been a number of offers for it already which quite surprised me with the amounts, which any one in their right mind would of taken. I have said from day one the proceeds will go to charity and that charity is close to all your hearts ( I will tell you about that in a few days). Whether you like it or not I would like a bit of support on this one God knows I've kept you all entertained long enough xx in a couple of days I am going to ask you to share this But not just yet and hopefully this can raise Some money for charity, so for now just enjoy xxx oh @BritishGypsum you might be interested in this for your head office ;)


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Are you going to go anywhere in the country to install it?
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