machine labourer

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Hi, i am interested in learning machine work. I am self employed, have cscs, transport and i work anywhere. Cheers pete

send a private message to simplythebest or southernmonkey :) click on their name and send a private message
I have been asking about today with a few of the young lads I know and use to work with but none seem interested.. shame really
a guy just rang me today looking to get into the trade. 23 yrs old, got transport if ur interested? from stalbans. although the last post sounds like a better bet
sum1 took this yet. good offer to learn to get into the trade. would snatch your hand off if you was local mate. youth of today lazy fcks
Sounds likea great opportunity. Id grab the opportunity in a flash if I lived local, just a shame no one in Manchester is taking on because Im dying to get with someone to learn the trade

Hope you find something mate
it says youve chosen not to receive messages , have you blocked messages in your profile ?maybe a moderator could help?
I think its coz he is a new member he cant recieve PM's or send them so maybe post your details to admin and maybe they can be passed on :)
ok cheers i think i can now recieve messages but cannot send.. I'm based in Luton own van and tools and cscs . started out as a plasterers lab , went on to dry lining taping mostly ., Then for the last 6-7yrs or so been just plastering was taught by the best spread i've ever seen { brother } . Been doing mostly insurance work take down replace and skim . Do a lot of domestic work re skim etc. Seem to keep myself going never really out of work , would love to learn more about the machine game don't know why any spread wouldn't.. Hope my ramblings make sense , been hovering about the forum for a while now . Seems to be some decent blokes on it...
@tophatter..... post more and your PMs will get unlocked.... sorry its a pain but it helps stop other people getting work :)
Hi Top,

I am not going to say but your not far off dude :)

I have sent you a message with a telephone number (you can read my Pm's)

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