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i think there around 6k Ian which makes them a very expensive mixing paddle, I personally believe the ritmo is a far more versatile machine and also the build quality is 100% better. but if the man is happy and it does what he wants it to, then that's fine for him but like Mr worrier said, tell us more about what you personally do with it. will it spray renders or thincoats, hardwall, mp75 ???.


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What exacly can the 110v ritmo spray? Is it just finish, or does it do hardwall and mp too? also do you need 2 110v cables for it i mean one for the comp and one for the machine, its one machine i know absolutly nothing about


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gimme more of a description. if you were laying on average of 30mts a set do you now do more and how much more. What is youre team ie 1 & 1 etc.
how many sets do you do a day, and who does what in the team. how do you find the plaster to work with compared to hand mixing etc.
tell me as much info as you can. i would be really interested to read it. Thanks


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South Coast we got loads of machine video's is there any chance you could record a video and post it up on here via youtube , it would be good to see, as everyone says no-one really knows much about it , would be good to see some clips of setting it up and spraying etc , cheers mate

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Ok it a gang of 3 me spraying one man going behind me laying it in and one on the machine. We can do about 80 Sqm a hit on bored one coat using bg plaster you can get 3 hits in a day I will have a video soon of it
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